Welcome Cadets!

Welcome to the Civilian Department here at San Andreas’ Finest! This page is where your journey starts. Read it carefully. It’s paramount you follow these steps closely in this order to make the training process go as smoothly as possible. Steps 8 through 10 should only be completed AFTER your training. If you have any questions about the steps below, feel free to ask your question in the #civilian-cadet-chat channel of our Discord.

You have one month from the day you join to complete your training. Failure to complete your training in time will result in a kick.

Step 1: Read the SA’F Rules and Regulations

Step 2: Agree to the rules in the #rules-agreement channel of our Discord. Use the following format only:

“I, {Name (F. Last)} agree to the rules and regulations as of {Date}”

Step 3: Submit your Whitelist Form. Make sure to follow the naming convention shown!

Please allow for one or two days for the Whitelist request to be processed.

Step 4: While we process the Whitelist request, familiarize yourself with our Standard Operating Procedures and Policy Guide.

Step 5: Check if you’re successfully Whitelisted by connecting to our Training Server. Server information can be found in the #server-info channel of our Discord. Before joining the server, set your name in FiveM so it matches your SA’F Discord name. (Ex: [CC-##] F. Last)

FiveM > Settings > Connections > Player name

Step 6: Have a look at the Civilian Training Guide to familiarize yourself with it.

The training will consist of a classroom section, a closed book test and an in-game section. During the training multiple aspects of the Civilian Department will be thoroughly explained to you. It covers many topics, ranging from the SOP, to storyline building, to medical RP basics.

Step 7: Keep an eye on the #civilian-cadet-chat channel of our Discord for scheduled trainings and attend one.

After your training is completed:

Step 8: Sign up for the SA’F CAD using the correct name format: FLast. (first initial, full last name)

The Community ID required to sign up can be found in the #server-info channel of our Discord.

Step 9: Set up TeamSpeak. Server information can be found in the #server-info channel of our Discord.

Make sure your display name matches the name you have in the SA’F Discord.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you install the Sonoran Radio plugin! Link can be found in #server-info.

Step 10: Congratulations, you are now a Probationary Civilian!

After you have passed your training you will get access to the Main Server. From this moment on, you can patrol with everyone else and show off your roleplaying skills. You can now create interactions and scenes that fall within the Easy Contact Level.

The Probationary Civilian rank is primarily here for us, the FTO Team of the Civilian Department, to keep an eye on your performance as a new Civilian. During this phase we look out for your collaboration with others, the quality and spontaneity of your roleplay, feedback from FTOs and other members on your interactions and feedback from yourself on how you feel patrols are going for you.

Whilst the Probationary Civilian rank holds the same contact level as Civilian I, it is extremely important to go through this period when starting out in the Civilian Department. When you move out of this rank, you will have officially finalized your cadetship within SA’F and this should be seen as an achievement.